Is It Time For Concrete Replacement in Houston, Texas? Concrete is a resilient material known for its impressive strength and longevity. Concrete in Houston is everywhere, including sidewalks, parking lots, curbs and more. While the material can last with regular maintenance, extensive damage may not benefit from standard repairs. When that happens, you may need concrete replacement in Houston.

What is Concrete Replacement in Houston?

Concrete replacement is a form of repair or restoration. It’s not quite as extensive as full-on repaving, but it can solve major issues that aren’t fixable by simple maintenance. Concrete replacement costs can vary based on the severity of the damage, but it’s usually a bigger investment than smaller fixes.

During a Houston concrete replacement service appointment, teams will remove damaged material before adding a new wet mix to replace it. It’s a relatively straightforward process but far more complicated than it looks.

Concrete in Houston Texas requires attention from skilled contractors specializing in this type of service to ensure you get the best results.

How Do I Know My Concrete Needs Replacing?

There are many telltale signs that you need Houston concrete replacement. Generally, experts will recommend concrete removal and replacement when the damage covers a significant area. For example, you might have a slab with massive potholes or a large pathway with an entire slab cracked beyond repair.

Once there’s more damage than good concrete, you must cover the total concrete replacement cost to improve structural integrity.

Deep cracks and holes that expose reinforcements also warrant concrete removal and replacement. Exposed rebar indicates that your concrete is beyond saving.

Is Concrete Replacement in Houston the Solution to All Forms of Damage?

Contrary to popular belief, Houston concrete replacement isn’t a catch-all solution. It’s important to remember that this service is a major investment that can shut down the repair area as experts work. Replacement is sometimes necessary, but if there are other solutions to repair issues, they’re worth exploring.

Contractors can often fix potholes and cracks without major issues. Professionals can even fix issues like differential settling. It’s only when the damage is extensive that your concrete in Houston needs replacing.

How Does Replacement in Houston Work?

Concrete replacement is a multi-step process. First, contractors will excavate. They must remove the damaged concrete to make room for the newer, stronger material. In most cases, teams will remove more material than they need.

That’s intentional. By removing damaged concrete down to the reinforcements, contractors can reuse it. This technique can help strengthen an entire span of flatwork while providing a nearly seamless look.

After concrete removal, concrete replacement experts will build new forms to hold the wet mix. From there, the process is similar to traditional installation. Your concrete in Houston must cure before teams can remove the form and unveil your newly replaced slab.

If you’re unsure if your property can benefit from concrete replacement, contact Marathon Solutions Group. We have years of experience working with concrete in Houston Texas and know how to do replacements. We set the bar high and deliver great results, no matter how extensive the damage might seem.

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