What Are the Types of Concrete Curbs?Some things are so prevalent that people seldom give them a brief glance, a second thought, or any consideration whatsoever. Concrete curbs typically belong to this group of frequently overlooked, but very valuable, objects. However, depending on the type you select, curbs can provide a variety of functions.

What Functions Do Concrete Curbs Provide?

Many people think that the only thing service that concrete curbing provides is to direct runoff from your pavement or property to storm drains. This is certainly an important service for Houston concrete curbing to provide when you consider how much rain falls in the area. However, concrete curbing can fill several other functions.

1. Curbs can provide aesthetic benefits. For example, a Houston concrete curbing company can install curbs around the perimeter of a parking lot to add an attractive finishing touch.
2. If you have an asphalt pavement, Houston concrete curbing is a virtual necessity. A concrete curbing contractor can install curbs along the edges of the pavement to enhance its structural integrity and help prevent edge cracking.
3. Concrete curbs can prevent or strongly discourage vehicles and pedestrians from going where they are not welcome. You can block off certain areas, including spaces around your building or guard house, to keep vehicles from intruding.
4. Houston concrete curbing can enhance safety. For example, concrete curbing companies can install curbs between sidewalks and streets to help protect pedestrians. Curbs can also help protect people waiting at bus stops, in medians, or sitting on the patio of a sidewalk café.
5. Concrete curbs can help protect your landscaping. You can have a concrete curbing company surround the landscaped islands in your parking lot, the flower beds beside your shop, or the young trees planted near your fence.

How Do I Know Which Type of Concrete Curb to Install?

Before you contact a concrete curbing contractor, it is a good idea to decide what you hope to accomplish by installing curbs. Do you want to provide a specific function, aesthetic appeal, or both? Do you want passenger vehicles to be able to drive over your curbs without incurring damage? Do you want your curbs to stop vehicles in their tracks or at least make drivers vow to never repeat their actions? Once you know what you want to accomplish, you will have a better idea of the type of curb you need.

What Types of Concrete Curbs Are Available?

Although there are several subcategories, concrete curbing companies usually classify curbs as decorative curbs, barrier curbs, or mountable curbs.

1. Decorative curbs, as the name suggests, are primarily about appearance even if they also serve a function. These curbs are slanted or sloped, and they are often quite colorful. Most people choose them to adorn the exterior of a commercial property and discourage pedestrians from accidentally intruding into landscape areas. For example, you might want to discourage people from trampling your flowers or walking on your grass.
2. Barrier curbs are meant to keep vehicles out. They show people where they can and cannot go, and they are excellent deterrents to keep people from encroaching on your landscaping, sidewalks, or unsafe areas. For example, if the area beyond your parking lot is unpaved, barrier curbs can send an obvious signal that vehicles should not proceed. They can also help drivers maneuver their vehicles into a parking space, or they can prevent drivers from exiting a parking space by pulling through the space at the end of their own parking space.
3. Mountable curbs are designed so that vehicles can drive over them without incurring damage. One example of mountable curbs are those that connect a street and a residential driveway. Mountable curbs allow people who use wheelchairs to go from the sidewalk to the street at intersections. They also make things easier for people using walkers, bicyclists, skaters, and people pushing carts or strollers.

Should I Paint My Concrete Curbs?

Many people paint their curbs for aesthetic reasons or because local ordinances require it. Although most curbs can be painted in any color you choose, you should be aware that certain colors are traditionally associated with specific meanings.

1. Red curbs signify that no one should park beside them. Fire lanes, loading zones, and the curbs near truck docks are often painted red.
2. Blue has become associated with handicapped access. Although there are currently no laws that prohibit the use of blue for other purposes, it could lead to confusion, so you might want to avoid painting your curbs blue.
3. Green paint in parking lots is beginning to be associated with eco-friendly vehicles. For example, parking spaces with charging stations sometimes have green curbs or wheel stops.
4. Yellow is the most popular color for Houston concrete curbing because it is highly visible and usually wears well. Whether the curbs are in parking lots, marking the edges of a city street, or surrounding landscaping islands or meridians, yellow draws attention to the presence of curbs.
5. White is more popular for pavement markings than for curbs. However, you can certainly paint your curbs white if you so desire.
6. Purple is just beginning to be associated with passenger pickup and drop-off zones. You might consider painting the curbs purple if you want to designate an area for loading and unloading passengers.

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