How Often Is Asphalt Sealcoating In Houston, Texas Needed? Sealcoating in Houston Texas can keep your property’s pavement in good shape for decades. While asphalt is tough, it’s not indestructible. Years of exposure to the elements and everyday wear take their toll, leading to slow degradation plus countless cosmetic and structural integrity issues. With help from an asphalt sealcoating company, you can treat your pavement periodically to restore its looks and give it a brand-new layer of protection.

But just how often should you invest in Asphalt sealcoating in Houston?

What’s the Average Maintenance Schedule for Sealcoating in Houston Texas?

As a property owner or manager, consider sealcoating an integral part of property maintenance. It’s the best way to keep asphalt parking lots, loading docks and more in great condition.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t always need annual sealcoating. But that all depends on your property and the types of wear your pavement receives.

Generally, you can hire sealcoating companies to come in once every three to five. But if your pavement has substantial sun exposure or experiences more wear than normal, you may need to apply a seal coat every two years or annually. What’s right for properties throughout Houston varies, so don’t be afraid to contact local sealcoating companies for guidance.

What Does Asphalt Sealcoating in Houston Do for Your Property?

Sealcoating is an essential service you should take advantage of if your property has any amount of asphalt paving. When you hire Houston sealcoating companies to treat your pavement, you invest in its longevity.

During your service appointment, asphalt sealcoating companies will apply a thin seal coat over the entire surface of your pavement. The seal coat is like a protective membrane plus a binder. It keeps the aggregate of your pavement in place, preventing issues like chipping and raveling.

But more importantly, it protects the surface from UV exposure and moisture. A well-applied seal coat can also prevent vehicle oil and chemicals from causing significant damage.

Sealcoating doesn’t fix issues like potholes, alligator skin and thick cracks. You’ll still need to hire an asphalt sealcoating company to perform those repairs before they apply the seal coat. But asphalt sealcoating in Houston can prevent those problems from occurring while giving your pavement a fresh new look.

When Should I Consider Hiring an Asphalt Sealcoating Company?

As mentioned, you should get service from Houston sealcoating companies every three to five years. But your property could need sealcoating in Houston Texas sooner, depending on the types of wear the asphalt experienced.

The only way to know if you need sealcoating in Houston Texas is to walk through your property and inspect the pavement. Pay attention to the surface’s color. If the once-black pavement looks faded and gray, that’s a telltale sign you need to hire an asphalt sealcoating company.

The same goes for visible signs of damage. Ideally, you should seek help from local sealcoating companies before major problems occur. Getting service when your pavement only has thin hairline cracks can prevent them from becoming huge headaches.

If you’re unsure if your property needs asphalt sealcoating in Houston, contact sealcoating companies. They can guide you in the right direction, determine what repair work you need before they can apply a seal coat and provide an accurate quote for the project.

Who Should I Contact to Get Sealcoating in Houston Texas?

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