What Skills Are Required for a Houston Asphalt Paving Contractor?Regardless of the scope and type of pavement-related work that you need performed, the skills of the contractor you select will be critical to the success of your project. You may know that you need to find an experienced contractor, but you may be less aware of the skills that your Houston asphalt paving contractor should possess. Although it would be possible to prepare a lengthy list of individual skills that you want your contractor to have, there are really just five broad categories that encompass them all. Your contractor needs to have observational, mathematical, planning, technical, and communication skills.

Why Does an Asphalt Paving Contractor Need Good Observational Skills?

When an experienced asphalt contractor looks at your pavement or building site, he or she should be taking in many details that you may have overlooked. The color of an existing asphalt pavement, the terrain surrounding your site, the pattern that traffic has worn, and the types of damage that your pavement has suffered can speak volumes to a knowledgeable Houston paving contractor. Contractors can also gain valuable insights by observing the type and number of vehicles using your pavement, potentially problematic vegetation near your pavement, the qualities of the soil at your site, and the way that drivers operate their vehicles. The better the contractor’s observational skills, the better he or she can determine the best solutions for your specific needs.

Why Does a Houston Paving Contractor Need Math Skills?

Whether installing asphalt overlays, building a new pavement, performing asphalt sealcoating, or planning asphalt repairs, there are many calculations that a paving company must make. Some calculations are typically simple; for example, it is usually quite easy to determine the total square footage of a parking lot. However, computing the proper depth for the asphalt and base layers, the best slope and grade, and the allocation of crew members and equipment can be a bit more complex. Although there are numerous apps and software programs that an asphalt contractor could use to crunch the numbers, contractors need to be sufficiently math-savvy to handle basic calculations when an app or program is not available. Furthermore, they need to be able to tell when there has been a significant error made while inputting the data.

Why Is Planning a Necessary Skill for an Asphalt Paving Company or Contractor?

Many people do not realize how much planning is required to execute a successful paving project. The contractor must determine which pieces of equipment will be needed, the type and quantity of materials, the crew members and equipment operators needed, and a variety of other details. If materials or tools are not in the contractor’s inventory, they will need to be ordered. Asphalt deliveries will need to be scheduled carefully. A plan to control traffic must also be devised. Without proper planning, your project could meet with unexpected delays, cost overruns, or even substandard results.

What Technical Skills Should an Houston Asphalt Paving Contractor Have?

Ideally, your contractor should know how to do the job of every one of the company’s crew members, including equipment operators. However, contractors also need to have a thorough understanding of both the practical and theoretical aspects of a project. Most projects can be successfully completed without getting into technical theory, but there are situations where contractors must think outside the box to provide customers with an acceptable solution to an unusual problem.

Why Do Houston Asphalt Contractors Need Good Communication Skills?

Contractors must be able to communicate effectively with their customers. You will probably have questions that you need answered before you sign a contract, so any Houston paving contractor you are considering should be able to provide with straightforward answers that are as detailed as you like. Between the time you sign the contract and the completion of the job, things can happen that need to be communicated to or by you. For example, the weather may make it necessary to postpone your job, or you may discover that the day scheduled conflicts with an important event that will be held on your property. You want a contractor who will keep you updated on your schedule, and you want someone who will return your calls or messages if you need to make changes or have additional questions.

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