Asphalt Maintenance 101 — The Value of Sealcoating, Patching, and StripingAsphalt did not become the most popular paving material in North America by accident. Asphalt pavements are safe, attractive, and economical, and they are rapid to install. Furthermore, an asphalt pavement can have a long life if it receives proper maintenance. Three essential procedures that you should include in your asphalt maintenance plan are seal coating, patching, and striping.

Why Is Sealcoating an Essential Part of Asphalt Maintenance?

Asphalt sealcoating blocks many of the forces that can inflict damage on your pavement, including UV rays and oil, gas, and other petroleum-based automotive products. Sealcoating parking lot pavements can also make them safer by enhancing traction and providing an excellent background to make pavement markings more visible. Furthermore, if your asphalt overlay or original pavement has faded to an unsightly shade of gray or brown, a high-quality sealcoat can restore its color. In addition, a reputable sealcoating contractor will ensure that all significant cracks or pavement breaks are repaired prior to starting the application.

Why Is Patching an Essential Part of Asphalt Maintenance?

Open breaks in asphalt pavements increase the likelihood that water will penetrate to the supporting foundation and erode it. An eroded foundation is a weakened, unstable base that cannot provide sufficient strength to withstand the loads placed upon the pavement. The pavement can quickly develop sinkholes, alligator cracking, and potholes. Although you should have cracks repaired while they are small, this is not always possible. Some cracks or other types of damage cannot be repaired by simply filling or sealing them. In those situations, patching is typically the best solution. Some types of patches do not extend more than an inch or so into the pavement, but other types of patches require the removal of all layers of the damaged pavement so that the foundation can be repaired.

Why Is Striping Considered a Maintenance Procedure for Asphalt Parking Lots?

If you want to show your visitors that you care about their safety and convenience, you want to make sure that your stripes and markings are always highly visible and undamaged. In addition, many markings are required to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act or local codes. Unfortunately, painted markings seldom last more than two years. Furthermore, you should plan on repainting your markings and stripes whenever you have asphalt parking lot sealcoating applied. Parking lot sealcoating obscures the paint, so be sure to ask whether your sealcoating contractor can reapply your stripes and pavement markings after applying the sealcoat.

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