Good Practices From a Professional Sealcoating ContractorAlthough asphalt pavements can last for many years, they need a little help to reach their maximum life. One routine maintenance procedure that is extremely cost-effective is asphalt sealing. Hiring a reputable contractor to apply a sealcoat periodically will help your pavement resist damage from the sun, rain, and vehicle fluids. However, you want to make sure that your sealcoating contractor understands what is needed to provide attractive, long-lasting work. The basic steps can be roughly divided into three categories: planning, preparing, and applying.

What Should a Sealcoating Contractor Do During the Planning Stage?

The planning stage is more important than many people realize. During this stage, asphalt sealcoating professionals typically perform the following steps.

1. Assess the site. Experienced asphalt maintenance contractors know that they need to conduct an in-person inspection before finalizing a quote. For example, if extensive parking lot repairs are needed, the price could change, but so could the timing of the job. In some cases, contractors may recommend that customers have repairs made a week or more before the day scheduled for the asphalt parking lot sealcoating. Contractors will also be looking for potentially problematic areas, including areas that lie in the shade of a building or behind locked gates.
2. Determine the pavement’s total area as well as the number of coats that will need to be applied. Asphalt parking lot sealcoating is typically applied in two thin coats, but a third coat is sometimes necessary in drive-thru lanes or other high-traffic areas.
3. Contractors frequently divide large parking lots into sections. The usual routine is to close one or more sections, apply the parking lot sealcoating, then wait until the recently sealed sections can be reopened before closing another section. This allows you to keep at least part of your parking lot available at all times.
4. The contractor will schedule the necessary tools, personnel, and equipment to ensure that everything and everyone will be available on the day of the job.
How Does a Sealcoating Contractor Prepare for a Job?

When preparing for a job, sealcoating contractors must prepare the items that will be needed, the job site, and the pavement.

1. The contractor will prepare the best sealcoating mix for the pavement. The concentrated sealant will be combined with water and sand in precise proportions. If needed, an additive can be incorporated to enhance certain characteristics.
2. The contractor will move crew members, products, tools, and equipment to the job site. Upon arrival, crew members will erect the appropriate traffic control devices.
3. Crew members will perform a preliminary pavement cleaning to expose any hidden issues.
4. If there are still one or two cracks remaining unrepaired, the contractor will make the necessary parking lot repair.
5. If necessary, the pavement will be cleaned a second time.
6. On some jobs, it will be necessary to apply a primer to oil stains, stubborn tree sap, or areas demonstrating distress.

What Happens During a Sealcoating Application?

Sealcoats must be applied to clean, dry pavements so that proper bonding can occur. They also need to be applied during acceptable weather conditions. Once a contractor verifies that everything is in order, the actual application can begin.

1. On some projects, crew members will apply a border of sealant around structures, curbs, or sidewalks. This helps keep the sealant confined to the pavement.
2. The normal method for applying asphalt parking lot sealcoating is to use a sprayer, but squeegees can also be used. A thin coat of sealant will be applied and allowed to dry before a second thin coat is applied. If a third coat is needed, or if the asphalt maintenance contractor will stripe and mark the parking lot, these tasks can be performed after the second coat has dried.
3. The contractor will leave the traffic control devices in place until the pavement can begin receiving vehicle traffic again. Depending on the weather and other factors, parking lot pavements usually need to remain closed to vehicle traffic for 12 to 24 hours.

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