What Is The Process For Pouring A Commercial Concrete Sidewalk?Installing a concrete sidewalk on your commercial property is a worthy investment that will benefit your business in many ways. Sidewalks provide a level and stable surface for pedestrian traffic. They make it easier for visitors to get around your property without worrying about tripping over uneven surfaces. Plus, they boost your curb appeal and can enhance your property value!

If you’re considering installing a concrete sidewalk in Houston, it’s best to get help from professionals. Experienced sidewalk contractors can get the job done right. Here’s how they do it!

What Do Concrete Sidewalk Contractors Do to Prepare the Site?

Experts prepare the site in many ways before any concrete comes into the equation. They first mark the exact path of the concrete walkway according to the project plans. Concrete is versatile, so you can get a Houston concrete sidewalk in various widths while winding throughout your property.

From there, contractors will dig into the soil, removing sod, tree roots and more. This part is crucial, as your concrete walkway needs a clear and even base.

What Forms the Shape of a Sidewalk?

Once contractors dig the path, they build forms to hold the concrete. There are many ways to do this, but the most common approach is to use wood. Teams will use sidewalk forms to keep the concrete contained as it sets. These forms are only temporary.

Depending on the design of your concrete walkways, contractors might use a combination of flexible wood and stakes to achieve uniform curves.

What Will My Concrete Sidewalk Sit On?

Your concrete sidewalk in Houston will sit atop a layer of compacted soil and loose stone, such as gravel. Not every sidewalk requires a stone base, but they’re common regardless. There are a few reasons why. First, the stone base creates a firm surface for the concrete to sit on. Secondly, it improves drainage and decreases the chances of movement in the future.

Contractors take extra time to compact the soil underneath your concrete walkway before adding and packing several inches of loose stone. The foundation will make a difference, ensuring the finished surface is strong enough to last without needing sidewalk repair any time soon.

How Thick Should a Concrete Sidewalk in Houston Be?

Thicknesses can vary, but the standard thickness for concrete walkways is about four inches. That thickness provides enough durability to withstand common foot traffic. If your Houston sidewalk needs to accommodate more weight, such as the occasional vehicle drive-over, concrete sidewalk contractors can dig deeper to provide a greater thickness.

Widths can also vary. The most common widths are four to five feet. However, sidewalks can be 10 feet wide or more if necessary.

How Do Concrete Sidewalk Contractors Create a Smooth Finished Surface?

Contractors can begin pouring the material after the concrete forms and stone base are ready. You may see the concrete flow down a chute directly from the mixing truck for large-scale projects! However, teams may use wheelbarrows to bring the material in smaller concrete walkways or those installed in areas inaccessible by trucks.

From there, concrete sidewalk contractors use several tools to flatten and smooth the surface. They’ll allow the concrete to partially set before using various floats to get the desired finish.

Does My Concrete Sidewalk in Houston Needs Joints?

Joints are crucial in maintaining structural integrity and minimizing sidewalk repair issues. There are two different types of joints contractors will create. The first is a control joint.

Control joints run perpendicular to the direction of your Houston concrete sidewalk, and they manage cracks. If cracks develop, they’ll likely occur in the control joint instead, minimizing the need for immediate sidewalk repair.

Contractors can create these joints with a joiner tool or cut them with a saw later.

The second type of joint your Houston concrete sidewalk might need is an expansion joint. These joints allow individual slabs created with the sidewalk forms to expand and contract based on temperature. Contractors can fill them with joint material, enabling the slabs to contract without causing damage that requires sidewalk repair.

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