The Benefits of Parking Lot Striping | Houston, TX

You may not realize it, but people start making decisions about your business as soon as they see your parking lot. If your parking lot is unattractive or in poor repair, prospective tenants or customers could decide that you have little concern for their comfort or that all your business dealings will be handled with a similar degree of neglect. Professional parking lot striping services in Houston, Tx can vastly improve your property’s curb appeal, but the procedure can also provide several additional benefits.

How Many Vehicles Will Your Parking Lot Hold?

Some people believe that an unmarked parking lot will allow them to fit more cars into the same area, so they do not apply any stripes or markings after a paving contractor builds the lot. Multiple studies have shown that a well-designed, properly striped lot will typically provide more parking spaces than a blank pavement. Without the markings to guide them, many drivers will allow an excessive amount of room between their vehicles and those already parked in the lot. Furthermore, your lot will likely contain cars parked at every conceivable angle, reducing your lot’s capacity even more.

Does Your Lot Comply With the ADA?

With very few exceptions, compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act is not optional. The ADA is a federal law that specifies how many accessible spaces your lot must contain, where the accessible spaces must be located, how they must be marked, and a number of other details that are relevant to parking lots. If you fail to comply, you could be fined, or you could find yourself embroiled in a lawsuit. An experienced Houston line striping contractor can help you ensure that you are in full compliance with the ADA.

How Safe Is Your Parking Lot?

If your parking lot is unsafe, you could face legal repercussions if someone suffers a personal injury or damages their vehicle on your property. One of the leading causes of minor accidents and auto-pedestrian accidents in parking lots is a lack of markings. When drivers are confused and distracted because they lack guidance on travel lanes, parking spaces, and other details, the potential for mistakes increases. Whether you use painted lines, thermoplastic markings, or a combination of both, your parking lot should include traffic arrows, visible pedestrian crosswalks, and other critical information to help drivers and pedestrians navigate your lot in the safest, most efficient manner.

How Efficiently Does Traffic Flow Through Your Parking Lot?

Cars speeding through your parking lot can pose risks to pedestrians and other drivers. However, you do not want to impede their progress to the point that your visitors encounter frustrating and time-consuming traffic jams. A reputable striping company can help you create a parking lot design that avoids both of these scenarios. Depending on your parking lot, your striping contractor might recommend designating certain travel lanes for one-way traffic, turning certain intersecting aisles into four-way stops, or making other alterations that will improve efficiency and safety.

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