What Is the Overall Cost for Asphalt Paving? | Houston, Texas If you are planning to construct a new pavement, you have probably heard that asphalt is significantly less expensive than concrete. This naturally leads you to wonder exactly how much asphalt contractors charge for paving Houston parking lots or other commercial pavements. You might think that the only thing that your contractor will need to do to give you a quote is to multiply the area that your pavement will cover by a standard price per square foot. In reality, your contractor will need to find the answers to several other questions before it will be possible to calculate an accurate quote.

What Is the Overall Cost for Asphalt Paving? | Houston, Texas

Where Is the Site Located?

A paving company must transport its crew, heavy equipment, tools, and supplies from its yard to the construction site. The expenses involved are referred to as mobilization costs, and your paving contractor must factor in those costs when preparing your quote. The greater the distance from the company’s yard to your site, the higher the mobilization costs will be. Distance is also a factor in what the company supplying the asphalt for your project will charge for delivery.

How Do You Plan to Use the Pavement?

Asphalt pavements must be designed to stand up to the number and weight of the traffic that will be using them. Everything from the thickness of the asphalt to the foundation’s construction must be sufficient to bear the load. Pavements that must bear great loads will cost more. A parking lot that will be used by thousands of cars each day must have a stronger foundation and thicker asphalt than a pedestrian walkway, for example.

What Is the Terrain at the Site?

If you are constructing a parking lot on land that is already relatively flat and even, your costs will not be as much as they would be to construct it on land that is hilly, interrupted by gullies, or heavily treed. Poor soils that cannot be properly compacted may need to be amended, or the design of the foundation may need to be more complex. All of these situations can increase your costs.

What Other Factors Affect the Cost of Asphalt Paving?

There are several types of asphalt that can be used, and some types are more expensive than others. The price of asphalt is also subject to change due to market conditions. The cost of any required permits varies by location, so your contractor must also consider those expenses. Drainage issues at your site can affect your overall costs if your contractor must install a subterranean system for drainage or gutters, catch basins, or trenches.

Choose a Competent, Honest Commercial Paving Contractor

As you can see, many factors must be considered to arrive at an accurate quote. You certainly do not want any unwelcome surprises, including cost overruns or untimely repairs. At Marathon Solutions Group, we handle all types of projects from a new pavement to an asphalt overlay. We are a respected company with an immaculate reputation for craftsmanship, professionalism, and customer service. In addition to asphalt overlays and commercial asphalt paving, we offer sealcoating, parking lot marking, bollard installations, asphalt repairs, concrete repair, drainage improvements, thermoplastic pavement markings, traffic signage, and preventive maintenance plans. Give us a call at 800-879-1147 to learn more or request a free quote. You can also use our online form if you prefer.