Concrete Curb and Gutter — Five Reasons Why It Must Be MaintainedEvery day, you probably see curbs and gutters almost everywhere you drive, walk, or cycle. You may think that the only purpose of a concrete curb & gutter system is to channel rainwater to a storm drain. Although this is certainly an important function that the system serves, it is not the only function. Without the proper care, however, the curbs and gutters will not be able to fulfill the various functions that they were installed to perform. These functions include protecting the pavement, enhancing safety, protecting against erosion, controlling traffic, and enhancing aesthetic appeal.

How Does a Concrete Curb & Gutter System Help Protect the Pavement?

Water that manages to find its way beneath the surface of a pavement can inflict catastrophic damage by eroding, weakening, and destabilizing the base. Lacking sufficient support, the pavement cracks, sinks, or develops potholes. Concrete gutters and concrete curbs help protect against water intrusions in three ways.

1. The edges of a pavement are especially vulnerable to water infiltration. A curb and gutter system that covers the pavement edges and channels the water safely away can help prevent water infiltration.
2. Concrete curbing and guttering add strength the edges of the pavement. This is particularly relevant in areas where buses, trash collection trucks, and other heavy vehicles must operate near or on the pavement’s edges.
3. Edge cracking is a special type of asphalt damage that can be caused by vegetation, construction errors, or drainage issues. Concrete curbing systems can help prevent edge cracking in many cases.

How Does Concrete Curbing Enhance Safety?

A well-designed concrete curb can offer additional protection from vehicles for people walking along a nearby sidewalk. It also helps children recognize the boundary of the street so that they do not inadvertently step into an unsafe area. Curbs also help protect signs, light poles, fire hydrants, and other fixtures from damage.

How Does a Concrete Curb & Gutter Help Control Erosion?

Frequently, pavement edges do not connect to other paved areas. Instead, they are usually bordered by easements, empty fields, or landscaped lawns. If the pavement is even with or lower than the surrounding terrain, runoff from the pavement can carve paths through the surrounding terrain. If the surrounding terrain is higher than the pavement, runoff can cut paths in the other direction, carrying soil onto the pavement. Curbs and gutters help contain runoff and carry it away.

How Do Concrete Curbs Help Control Traffic?

Curbs help drivers identify where they should not park, turn, or drive, and they also help drivers position their vehicles properly within their lanes. Depending on the style and size of a concrete curb, it can be a minor impediment or a major obstacle. Few drivers will knowingly risk damaging their cars by driving over a curb. Thus, curbs can provide a passive system to prevent vehicles from encroaching on areas they should not enter. For example, curbs at the end of a playground’s parking lot can help prevent vehicles from endangering the children playing in the area. Similarly, curbs along the street can help protect the diners at a sidewalk café.

How Do Concrete Gutters and Curbs Enhance Aesthetics?

Although they may require an occasional concrete repair to keep them looking their best, curbs can boost an area’s aesthetics in several ways.

1. Curbing systems add a visually attractive finishing touch to asphalt and concrete parking lots.
2. Litter and dirt will tend to collect in the gutters. This makes it easier for sweepers to remove it, thus making the area more attractive.
3. When used around landscaped medians or traffic islands, curbs add to the appeal of the vegetation planted within. They also help prevent dirt, mulch, or landscaping gravel from washing away.

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