How Do I Find the Best Concrete Contractor in Houston? Concrete can be the perfect material from which to construct a variety of pavements and features. It is long-lasting, can resist heavy weights, and requires very little maintenance. However, concrete can be a tricky product to install, so you want to make sure that you hire an experienced contractor. Here are some tips to help you find the right concrete contractor in Houston to handle your project.

Why Hire a Concrete Contractor in Houston?

Concrete installation requires a number of steps, and an oversight during the completion of any step can have disastrous consequences. The larger your project is, the less likely it is that a local handyman or your employees can provide suitable results.

What Qualities Should a Great Concrete Contractor in Houston Possess?

You want to find a concrete company that can deliver quality work within the time frame and budget provided. The following tips can help you determine whether the concrete contractor you are considering fills the bill.

1. If you know very little about the process of installing or repairing concrete, do a little research online to learn a few basics. This will help you create a list of questions that you want your concrete flatwork or concrete ramp contractor to answer. Any contractor who is uncomfortable with your questions, or who is unwilling to answer in plain language, is not likely to be a good candidate.
2. Ask your friends, colleagues, or relatives for recommendations. You want to know what their personal experience was with the contractor. For example, did the contractor finish the work on time? Were there cost overruns or unexpected charges?
3. You should ask at least three concrete contractors in Houston to provide you with a written quote. This lets you compare prices, but it can also give you some insight into each contractor’s willingness to communicate with you.
4. Ask every contractor you are considering for a list of references. Contact these references to learn more about the quality of the contractor’s work, his professionalism, and the customer’s satisfaction or dissatisfaction with his service.
5. Your contractor should provide you with proof of business insurance as well as proof of appropriate licensing if licenses are required in your municipality.
6. Verify that potential contractors have relevant experience. Overall experience is important, but the contractor should have experience constructing concrete pavements that are similar to your own. For example, concrete parking lot contractors are more experienced in handling large projects than contractors who only install curbing. Furthermore, concrete ADA work requires specific knowledge and skills that the curbing contractor may not possess.
7. Be sure that the contractor puts everything in writing. Your contract should show labor and material costs separately, and it should also detail both your and the contractor’s responsibilities. For example, if permits are required, who will obtain and pay for them? When are incremental payments due? Who will clean up the site once the work is complete? What is the work schedule? What type of concrete mix will be used?

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