The Driving Force Behind Our Pavement Striping ProjectsEstablishing a successful asphalt paving and concrete company involves more than just knowing how to install asphalt and stripe a parking lot. Since the earliest days of our business, we’ve taken a special interest in doing everything we can to be a good neighbor to the residential and commercial customers we serve. While we love knowing that our parking lot striping services help those with disabilities in our community, we also have discovered a new group of neighbors who inspire our passion to serve.

Our recent partnership with the Lakewood Elementary PTO gave us the opportunity to share our talents in ways we hadn’t thought of before. Now that we’ve seen the results of our project, we are eager to share the effects with you along with the many ways we anticipate continuing to put our philosophy of “service before self,” into every project we complete.

How Did Marathon Solutions Group Evolve Into a Community-Oriented Business?

Our business started out as two best friends from high school grabbing a can of paint and a roller to earn some extra cash by painting disability markings in our neighborhood parking lots. Since then, we’ve managed to go from using a couple hundred gallons of paint to nearly 50,000. For us, the growth of our business is only possible through the support of our community, and we believe in giving back every chance we get.

What Inspired You to Partner With a School?

While we’ve always had a desire to be in service to others, it was perhaps the early experience of painting parking lots that led us to appreciate the effort that the parents and teachers we met at the elementary school had done for their students. After all, the desire to make our mark on the world is pretty universal.

Once we got the call from the elementary school’s PTO, we went out to fulfill their request to remove the remnants of the DIY markings that parents and teachers had worked hard to create over the years. While the artistry was evident, the paint just wasn’t able to stand up to the test of time.

The clean up job was relatively simple, but we just didn’t feel right leaving the pavement bare. After thinking about the welcoming environment that our children’s brightly colored play areas created, we decided to go back and finish the job.

What Was Your Favorite Part of the Pavement Striping Project?

Since our usual work involves creating perfectly straight parking stall lines and other directional markings, we found that this project gave us the opportunity to take our creativity to the extreme. Our design included a brightly colored number chart, basketball court and four-square cubes, which the school promptly accepted.

The project was so well-received that we’ve also gone back to paint a United States map that has now become part of their curriculum. While we loved the challenge of using a new anti-skid paint, our favorite part of the project was seeing those smiling faces as the students and their families took selfies and made some amazing memories at their local school.

Discover How We Go the Extra Mile for Our Neighbors

Marathon Solutions Group has been making great strides in the Houston community since our business first started serving the public. Today, we put our heart into every project we complete, whether we are painting a school playground or doing a parking lot re-striping job for a major corporation. We’ve also cultivated a reputation for being good neighbors to those who need asphalt paving, concrete work, asphalt sealcoating or resurfacing, pavement repair, marking removal and other forms of asphalt pavement care. We encourage you to reach out to us today at 800-879-1147 or email us at to get a free proposal on your community enhancement project.