5 Warnings That Show Its Time for An Asphalt Overlay In HoustonAsphalt is the most common paving material in Texas and the rest of the country. Asphalt pavements are reasonably priced, visually appealing, and quick to construct. They can also have surprising longevity, but they will last longer if they receive a little help from time to time. This includes timely repairs and routine maintenance. However, one procedure that is often misunderstood or overlooked is the installation of an asphalt overlay. Also known as asphalt resurfacing, this procedure can be an ideal substitute for a pavement reconstruction. If you are considering an asphalt overlay in Houston, you can learn more about whether it is time to resurface your pavement by exploring the answers to the following five questions.

An Asphalt Overlay in Houston Can Boost The Curb Appeal Of Your Property

When you hire a reputable asphalt overlay company in Houston, you will be hard-pressed to tell the difference between a new pavement and your resurfaced pavement. An overlay looks and performs virtually the same as a new pavement. Thus, if your current pavement is unsightly due to oil stains, numerous crack repairs, or color loss, a Houston asphalt overlay can remove all evidence of your pavement’s rough past.

An Asphalt Overlay in Houston Can Be More Cost-Effective Than Numerous Repairs

It is vital to repair cracks and potholes to prevent water from infiltrating beneath the pavement and eroding the foundation. As a rule, crack and pothole repairs are relatively economical. However, if you need a great many individual repairs, an asphalt overlay contractor may offer a more cost-effective solution. This can be especially true if the extensive damage is the result of temporary pavement abuse. For example, if you were forced to temporarily allow heavy construction equipment to access your parking lot for passenger vehicles, the resulting damage could be widespread. Since you do not plan to ever subject your pavement to that kind of abuse in the future, you may not need to rebuild your parking lot to make it stronger. A Houston asphalt overlay will be much less expensive than a reconstruction, but it may also be less expensive than multiple individual repairs.

Houston Asphalt Overlays Are Sometimes Used To Correct Drainage Problems

You do not need to live in Houston very long to realize that the area can receive some very heavy rainfalls. Milling and overlaying a pavement can help ensure that the grade is sufficient to allow runoff to drain away quickly. Asphalt overlays in Houston can also eliminate birdbaths, refine the areas around catch basins, and prevent puddles around manhole covers and other penetrations that could encourage water infiltration.

An Asphalt Overlay Can Help With Chipped or Broken Pavement Edges

The edges of an asphalt pavement can be susceptible to cracking, chipping, and breaking, especially if there are no curbs along them. This makes them vulnerable to water infiltration, which can compromise the integrity of the entire structure. An asphalt overlay contractor may be able to address weaknesses along the edges of the pavement in an economical and efficient manner.

An Asphalt Overlay May Be A Viable Option If Foundation Damage Has Already Occurred

Many people believe that asphalt overlays in Houston are not feasible if the pavement has alligator cracking, deep potholes, or other signs of foundation damage. Although it is true that Houston asphalt overlays are often not cost-effective if there is extensive foundation damage, they can be feasible if the damage is not widespread. You will need to ask your asphalt overlay contractor about the cost-effectiveness of resurfacing if you have a damaged foundation. However, typically, the foundation damage needs to affect more than one-fourth of your pavement’s total area before an asphalt overlay company in Houston will recommend a reconstruction over an overlay for economic reasons.

Marathon Solutions Group Can Install Your Houston Asphalt Overlay

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