What Are the ADA Design Guidelines for Houston? | Asphalt MaintenanceThe Americans with Disabilities Act and its amendments are commonly referred to as the ADA. The ADA is a comprehensive set of federal laws that are intended to ensure equal access to and enjoyment of businesses, government buildings, recreational centers, multifamily housing units, and virtually every other type of building that is open to the public. Although the ADA also covers employment issues and interior spaces, pavement striping and marking rules are among the most complex.

How Many Accessible Parking Spaces Are Required by the ADA?

The number and type of accessible spaces will depend on the total number of spaces contained in your parking lot. As a rule, if you have only one parking stall, it must be a van-accessible space. The total percentage of accessible spaces can range from 25% for lots with less than 100 spaces to approximately 17% for lots with more than 301 spaces. However, certain institutions, including outpatient physical therapy centers, may be required to provide additional accessible spaces. Consult your striping contractor to determine the precise number of car- and van-accessible spaces you need to comply with the ADA.

What Are the Size Requirements for Accessible Parking Spaces?

Accessible stalls must have a minimum width of 96 inches for cars and 132 inches for vans. This does not include the access aisles, which must be 60 inches wide for cars and 96 inches wide for vans. Access aisles may be shared by two parking stalls.

What Are Accessible Routes?

The ADA requires that an accessible route between the accessible parking spaces and an accessible entrance to the building be provided. Accessible routes should follow the shortest path, be free of curbs without ramps and other obstacles, not require users to travel behind parked vehicles, and include a designated crosswalk if the route requires crossing an area traveled by vehicles.

What Are Some Other Considerations for ADA Compliance?

There are strict guidelines for signage, pavement striping and marking, overhead clearances, and the location and distribution of accessible spaces. However, one important issue that your asphalt contractor may encounter is the grade of your pavement and curb ramps. Accessible stalls and access aisles cannot have a grade of more than 2%, and curb ramps cannot have a grade of more than 5% with a maximum cross slope of 2%.

Can Marathon Solutions Group Help Eliminate My Confusion?

If you are confused about the exact requirements of the ADA, you can trust us to guide you through all aspects of ensuring that your parking lot will comply with the ADA. Since 2005, we have been offering parking lot striping and pavement markings for businesses of all sizes. We also offer asphalt sealcoating, thermoplastic striping, and asphalt overlays as well as the installation of bollards and signs, asphalt and concrete repairs, and the removal of pavement stripes and markings. We have an exemplary reputation for delivering work of the highest quality at an affordable price. For a free quote, use the online form to send us your information or give us a call at 713-854-1773 or 800-879-1147.